Queen's English Club

  • Our Club Conducts Debates,
  • Quiz Dramatics and
  • Humor Classes on Every Saturdays


  • ACE American Grammar Book is the best book to learn English
  • Hi-Tech A/c Room Classes and the Classes are conducted with Projector, Camera, Audio and Videos.




TOEFL Training Institute In Chennai

  • Listening: Tenses, Passive voice, Appositives, Modals, Conditional Sentences, Comparisons and Comparatives, Causatives, Idioms and Idiomatic expressions, Affirmative and Negative agreement, Commands and Indirect Commands.
  • Structure: Phrases and Clauses, Infinites and Gerunds, Complex and Compound Sentences, Noun, Adverb and Adjective clauses, Verb forms, Missing Subjects, Articles, Conjugated Verbs, Nouns and Pronouns, Subject/Verb agreement, Word order.
  • Reading : Testing your Vocabulary, Prefix, Root words, Suffix, Noun, Verb, Adjective and Adverb endings. Writing Various Essay Writings.
  • Speaking :
  • Class Room : Teaching with Computer aided.
  • Internet, E-mail and Browsing.

Duration : 1 Month

Course Fee : Rs. 10,000