Queen's English Club

  • Our Club Conducts Debates,
  • Quiz Dramatics and
  • Humor Classes on Every Saturdays


  • ACE American Grammar Book is the best book to learn English
  • Hi-Tech A/c Room Classes and the Classes are conducted with Projector, Camera, Audio and Videos.




About Us

The aim of Ace American English is to offer the best elements of the education system, supplemented by modern international educational practice, based upon high academic and moral values and judgment. We hope to provide a firm foundation for YOU, our students to succeed in an ever changing multicultural world.

We aim to give each child the best level of education possible, not just in academic training, but also in terms of character formation, developing the whole personality and awakening new interests, so that when our students leave school we can expect them to become effective, happy and responsible members of society.

Basic to our values is our abiding belief in human worth. Our focus is always on potential to help students to discover and appreciate their own uniqueness and value, while providing an environment where there is freedom and order, and a balance between the needs of the individual and those of the community.

Our working together means adding value to your life and your company.

I shall help you realize your potential and achieve your objectives by continuously supporting you in developing your strengths and nurturing self confidence.