Queen's English Club

  • Our Club Conducts Debates,
  • Quiz Dramatics and
  • Humor Classes on Every Saturdays


  • ACE American Grammar Book is the best book to learn English
  • Hi-Tech A/c Room Classes and the Classes are conducted with Projector, Camera, Audio and Videos.





The Basic and Foundation level provides the participant to have a working knowledge in English Advanced English develops the participant to have a complete knowledge in grammar and emphasizes the students to speak fluently.


  • Creation of 4,000 sentences from be verbs, action Verbs, modal verbs, active and passive voice, Infinities, Gerunds, Imperatives, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Direct and Indirect Speeches.
  • Self - Motivation and Concentration.
  • Telephone Conversation.
  • Letter Writing.
  • Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences.
  • American and British Accents are taught Through American Audio and Video Cassetes.
  • Group Discussion, Essay Writing and Stage Speaking.
  • Emotional and Spiritual Empowerment.
  • Stress management and Goal setting.
  • Internet, E-mail and Browsing.

Duration : 1 Month

Course Fee : Rs. 4,000