Queen's English Club

  • Our Club Conducts Debates,
  • Quiz Dramatics and
  • Humor Classes on Every Saturdays


  • ACE American Grammar Book is the best book to learn English
  • Hi-Tech A/c Room Classes and the Classes are conducted with Projector, Camera, Audio and Videos.




I.E.L.T.S Training Institute In Chennai

Our Record Band Score in IELTS is 8.5

  • Academic Writing Task : A Table of Information, bar or pie chart, graph, diagrams.
  • General Training Writing: Expressing your wants, Complaints, Factual Information, opinion, likes and dislikes.
  • Speaking : On Various topics
  • Reading : Academic reading, General reading.
  • Listening : Audios, CD's and Materials Provided Internet E-mail and Browsing.

Duration : 1 Month

Course Fee : Rs. 10,000